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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Squid Joan - Your Squidoo VA

Squid Joan is a remarkable Squidoo Coach and she is now offering Squidoo Lens Building services!

As seen on Squid Event Blog
Posterous Lens Sightings
Squidoo Kindergarten HERE
SquidJoan aka Joan4 on Squidoo has launched her new service with a Special for Zazzle and Etsy shop owners!
Get on over to check out the details and sign up soon so you can be on the lens building list asap in time to maximize traffic to your shops during the peak holiday shopping season.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Tribute Showcase on Squidoo

One Lensmaster inspired this lens and we will continue to celebrate all lensmaster's birthdays here! JOIN the Celebration. This is not automated. Please enter your birthday so we will know about it. This lens is a Birthday Tribute Showcase which will hightlight and celebrate Lensmasters. More details will be provided over time. Drop by to add a birthday greeting, introduce us to the lensmaster you are celebrating, and let us know when birthdays are coming up. The lens will be sorted by Birthday Month with a place to put upcoming birthdays for any month of the year. Don't be shy! Leave your birthday here for us as well.

First Ever Lensmaster Birthday Showcase

This lens was inspired by the first ever Lensmaster Birthday Showcase for LensMaster Giant Squid John Dilbeck

This lens was created by LensMaster Giant Squid GypsyOwl Deborah Bryan

Monday, June 22, 2009

VA Guide Information

"GypsyOwl Presents..."
is dedicated to bringing you the best resources on a variety of topics.
The most current information to help you reach your goals.
The VA Guide series begins with an extraordinary publication by Deborah Bryan (aka GypsyOwl). The VA's Guide to Squidoo and the upcoming membership site will show you how to take your VA services to a new level.

Get on the VA Guide information group list TODAY!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Barefoot Video

AskMrVideo JV With The Barefoot Executive = Video Magnetism

"VIDEO Magnetism : The Law of Video Attraction" is an exceptional JV between Perry Lawrence and Carrie Wilkerson bringing Marketing Professionals, Small Business Owners, Coaches, Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs the most magnetic hands-on compreshensive video training available. The Video Magnetism Webinar has people excited and saying "...GREAT info and SUPER fun!! PLUS - you will complete this course with your own video series on your market or niche plus a plan for ENDLESS content creation!!"

Go Now to discover what is happening at the Video Magnetism Webinar.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Easter - Sending Easter Cards?

way to send out cards anytime of the year without going to the post office, buying stamps, or going to the card shop. The best part is they are personalized by you and you have the ability to create them and have them mailed to your recepient so they receive a real card in their mailbox.
Exceptional service for individuals, companies, and anyone who is leveraging time and still wants to convey a Personal Touch to family, friends, and clients.

Get Started Today

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GypsyOwl's 5000TH Tweet & AWHW Association of Work at Home Women

Carrie Wilkerson , The Barefoot Executive, has done it again! Revolutionizing Work at Home in a way that none other have EVER done.

Join Us

The Association of Work at Home Women


Photo Credit AWHW

GypsyOwl is a Charter Member of AWHW The Association of Work at Home Women.

DO Not Miss GypsyOwl's 5000TH Tweet - A Tribute to YOU Friday February 27, 2009 at NOON (Central). This monumental Squidoo/Twitter Event will Delight Anyone who has been following GypsyOwl on Twitter. SPECIAL Dedications to people who GypsyOwl has 'MET' in REAL LIFE and those who have Blessed my life (even if we have connected only online on Twitter). EACH of YOU are Fabulous!

Don't forget to tune in to Twitter and Visit GypsyOwl's 5000TH Tweet - A Tribute to YOU lens on squidoo on Friday!


JOIN AWHW Today! You must watch the NEW movie... oh my goodness! And sign up for the Tip of the Week. There are endless resources and connections awaiting you , awaiting us. IMAGINE!

listening to @Natalie_Brown New CD "Random Thoughts" (Now Available on ITUNES) Spread the word if u love the music pls:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

International Friendship Month Lens Contest on Squidoo

International Friendship Month Lenses - Enter To WIN!
The Month of February is International Friendship Month.
Make a lens about International Friendship Month and enter it into this contest. Any topic that is about Friendship, the International Celebration, or related topics qualify.Enter on this lens, meet the judges, pass on the event to all your friends so they can vote for your lenses. Enter as many GREAT Lenses as you would like that are about Friendship, International Friendship Month, or related topics. Be sure to visit, favorite, and lensroll other contestant's entries!
Let's Celebrate Friendship!
There are 3 Catogories:
1 - New Squid (The Contest Lens is your 1st - 10th Featured Lens)
2 - Going To Be a Giant Squid one Day! ( You have 11- 25 Featured Lenses)
3 - Going To Be a Giant March 31st! (You have 26 - 49 Featured Lenses)What You Will Win!
*Every Entry will receive Exposure! A Lot of it! (the earlier you enter the more people will see your lens and have the opportunity to vote on it).*Experience (Every Entry will bring you closer to your goals as a Squid, bring you closer to becoming a Giant Squid, and introduce you to other Lensmasters). There are other Prizes! See The Contest Lens (and keep checking back as new prizes are added).