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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letting Go – With or Without Hesitation – One Day at a Time

Letting Go – With or Without Hesitation – One Day at a Time

Deb Bryan – GypsyOwl May 1, 2011

I had a conversation with God about my feeling stuck. One comment by someone I do not even know sent my emotions out of control. I prayed to move past, to let go. It was the last thing on my mind before I tried to sleep and the first thing when I awoke. I prayed. I listened. I had a conversation with God.

I had a feeling it was important I share it.

This is it…

Me: Please help me let this go. I thought I let it go before, you helped me with this. I remember clearly.

Lord: Yes. I did, you did.

Me: Why does this keep happening?

Lord: Letting go is for one day, then, the next day you will need to choose to let it go again.

Me: Why Lord? I’m willing. I am sure I have let this go for more than one day and it did not come back again.

Lord: It may have seemed that way because each day as it passed by for you to choose, you let go again without hesitation.

Me: So what about yesterday, last night and this morning? Why have I decided not to let it go without hesitation now?

Lord: How do you know you haven’t let it go?

Me: I’m crying, angry, feeling way too much … it is hard to put into words.

Lord: Good signs you haven’t made a decision to let it go today.

Me: I just want to let it go forever! That’s it; I choose to let it go forever!

Lord: On Earth everything is ‘One Day at a Time’

Consider, that which you choose to hold on to and that which you choose to let go, are like the clouds passing overhead. They are not moving alone…sometimes the wind carries them and sometimes they are moving because the Earth is turning.

You could say they are floating by and to “let go” is a bit like the earth rotating without hesitation.

On the other hand; when we do not let go it is a bit as if the Earth stopped as we tried to hold on. If the Earth stops rotating gravity will cease, things will begin to shift and the Earth would begin to come apart at its core.

Me: Ok. I know what holding on and attaching to anything feels like. Why can’t I let it go today as easily as you described. I’ve been doing it many days in a row without hesitation.

Lord: Every now and then you choose to remember what it was like to be attached to this or that. Then we have this talk and you let go again. Then your gratitude about having the choice is renewed and deepened (again).

I got out of bed to write this down. A couple of times I thought to edit this or that and realized what I was changing actually changed the meaning. So, I left it just how I jotted it down the first time.

Then I found this quote on Facebook posted by my dear friend Deaquelynn (of Quelynn, Inc. ) she said

“Consistency is key to the breakthrough!”

I believe the answer is to let go each day without hesitation ‘consistently’ and on those days when hesitation creeps in, the answer is to accept ownership of the hesitation as part of our process and make the choice to let go ‘out loud’ then transition back into letting go without hesitation as we embrace the gratitude that we have more hesitation free days than we did in the past.

Honestly, there was a time when hesitation free letting go did not exist and each day was buried under the previous day’s frustrations, discontent, and unhappiness. Letting go was the exception and usually required pretending I had let go (distracting myself with entertainment). Pretending to be serene is hard work!

Overtime, as I practiced forgiveness and letting go, true serenity began to last hours at a time. Then, before I knew it I would have several days of serenity in a row. Then weeks, months… yes, even years. Letting go has made itself a consistent part of my life and now and then when I struggle it is good to know it is also a part of the process and even if I don’t remember … the LORD is always ready to have this talk with me again whenever I need Him to.

I hope this conversation has been helpful to you as it has for me. Brightest Blessings Deb Bryan (GypsyOwl)