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Sunday, January 11, 2009

International Friendship Month Lens Contest on Squidoo

International Friendship Month Lenses - Enter To WIN!
The Month of February is International Friendship Month.
Make a lens about International Friendship Month and enter it into this contest. Any topic that is about Friendship, the International Celebration, or related topics qualify.Enter on this lens, meet the judges, pass on the event to all your friends so they can vote for your lenses. Enter as many GREAT Lenses as you would like that are about Friendship, International Friendship Month, or related topics. Be sure to visit, favorite, and lensroll other contestant's entries!
Let's Celebrate Friendship!
There are 3 Catogories:
1 - New Squid (The Contest Lens is your 1st - 10th Featured Lens)
2 - Going To Be a Giant Squid one Day! ( You have 11- 25 Featured Lenses)
3 - Going To Be a Giant March 31st! (You have 26 - 49 Featured Lenses)What You Will Win!
*Every Entry will receive Exposure! A Lot of it! (the earlier you enter the more people will see your lens and have the opportunity to vote on it).*Experience (Every Entry will bring you closer to your goals as a Squid, bring you closer to becoming a Giant Squid, and introduce you to other Lensmasters). There are other Prizes! See The Contest Lens (and keep checking back as new prizes are added).