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Sunday, December 14, 2008

SAFE & SANE Save Handmade

Save Handmade

Handmade Toy Alliance . Org

Safe & Sane! Change.Org _Save Handmade Toys From the CPSIA : A Proposal from the HandMadeToyAlliance.Org from web

Updated my lens 'SAVE HANDMADE' with links to lobbyists, a pdf copy of the actual BILL and more. Pls Chime IN!

Tweets in Reverse Order... December 14, 2008 Follow @GypsyOwl on Twitter for Updates

terrywygal: RT @GypsyOwl Safe & Sane! Change.Org Save Handmade Toys From the CPSIA A Proposal fromHandMadeToyAlliance.Org

@newmediajim I'm thinking we need an attorney type thinker to read the bill and suggest revised version for a 'safe and sane' resolution.

newmediajim: @GypsyOwl the problem for handmade crafters is there large lobbying forces working to craft the act

@newmediajim The large lobbying forces working to craft the act have GOOD Intentions. We need to message them of negative side effects.

epodcaster: Crafters Beware: RT from @newmediajim @GypsyOwl this is a HUGE issue for people who craft for a living

@newmediajim Thank You Jim! I'll add your link to my resource page as well. OTA VERY COOL meeting Google Guru! :D Want to hear more bout it

@GypsyOwl I plan on writing something about that here

@GypsyOwl this is a HUGE issue for people who craft for a living thank you for the link.

@newmediajim Good Morning Jim, I'm wondering if you have any connections to help in awareness to 'Save Handmade'

Safe & Sane! Change.Org _Save Handmade Toys From the CPSIA : A Proposal from the HandMadeToyAlliance.Org

Monday, December 8, 2008

10 Day Event - Covenant House Donation Drive

How you can contribute, participate, and Win A Prize in the Covenant House Charity Drive for CHRISTMAS

The 2008 Christmas for Covenant House Drive is a 10 Day Intensive Fundraiser that includes 5 ways to participate.

1) Direct Donation

2) Create a Squidoo Lens

3) Promote the Covenant House Christmas Lens

4) Donate a Prize for the Participation Drawing

5) Create A Virtual Quilt Block (this will be incorporated into a POSTER/CARD for the Houston Covenant House Virtual Quilt).

For MORE INFORMATION Visit The Lens That Started it ALL

Prizes (SO FAR) include : There Will be a DRAWING on DECEMBER 24 To Award these and more prizes on the way.

Thank YOU To Our Prize Sponsors!!! Please be sure to visit their Sites and say Thank You. :D

(1)Cutomized Twitter Background ($99 Value).

(1)Meet Your Success: 101 Cyber-Class *scholarship* (a $100 value) .

(3) *scholarships* to GypsyOwl's "New Squid" Class (Beginning in FEB 2009 Session) ($49 Value).

More Prizes will be posted here soon. I will also create a Virtual Ad for all of the Prize contributors and don't forget to add your contribution to the module on To Enter in The Drawing! - Send Prize info to or to

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How To Zazzle Your Webpage

Tutorial Class

Would you like to Recieve GypsyOwl's 'How to Create Customized Buttons on Zazzle' ($11.95 Value), AND 'How to Place links and images of your Zazzle products on your webpage' ($11.95 Value) FREE?

This tutorial is one of many to be offered at GypsyOwl's Graphic Design Gallery. The Tutorial includes:

  1. How to Create a Customized Button on Zazzle, and

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Updates - Teddy Bear Drive

Children's Hospitals-Teddy Bear Drive!Give 1 Bear,100 Smiles,& 10% Donation 2 charity. All for $10

Visit Develop Your Wings Website for more information about this and other ways to help Children


Mari Smith is going to tweet her 11,994 - 12,000 tweet with...

November 25TH

Follow Mari Smith on Twitter
And Hear The Top Tips

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Say Thank You To Top Producers

The New GypsyOwl's Graphic Design Gallery will be located at GYPSYOWL.COM
[currently under construction]

You have been redirected to GypsyOwl Connections (a blog created to update my Squidoo Lenses). When the site is live, the redirection will be reset to take you to the new site. Be sure to follow me on twitter for updates. IN~JOY, GypsyOwl

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Hello, we exchanged cards at the conference and you asked:

"Where can I find your Squidoo lenses?"

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Blueprint To Financial Freedom - Houston TX - November 14-16 , 2008

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can You Count Your Blessings?

H a p p y T h a n k s g i v i n g !
I have been thinking about all of the people in my life who have blessed me just by being themselves. It started out with a memory of one kind soul and through the morning became a very long list of people who I want to say Thank You to.

How do you say Thank You to dozens of people all at the same time? Can you really count the number of people who have touched your life and given you priceless blessings?

This small heartfelt post is for you. Thank You!

Please join me in a Thank You list. Who would you like to say "Thank You, I appreciate YOU" to today? Leave your public reply here.
Unlimited  Autoresponders by AWeber

Monday, October 13, 2008

GypsyOwl Connections - Comments Always WELCOME

This is a Central Guestbook that will feed to all my Squidoo Lenses

This is the new blog to consolidate information and guestbook replies. I have over 100 Squidoo Lenses now and a guestbook on just about every one of them. I read every comment (it is emailed to me)... but, getting to the lens to reply has been a challenge. So, This Connections Guestbook is a place for everyone to connect. Please continue to leave a comment or feedback for an individual lens on the lens... and copy it here or leave a message for GypsyOwl or other readers here.

I will be linking this blog by RSS feed to every lens soon. And creating a lens about Feeding Your Lens. (more information soon).

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