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Monday, July 23, 2012

Landing Gear, The New Place, and Trusting God With All My Heart

LoggaWiggler on Pixabay
The new place I found after 'exactly' two months on the road is more than I could have dreamed of and continues to reveal blessings after blessings.  I wouldn't have ever imagined having a place where I feel at home, am closer to family than I have been in two decades, and where I am always certain there are more blessings coming into my path day by day.

"Photos, notes, brochures, memories, keepsakes, and so much more will be sifted and organized and sorted over the next few weeks." 40 Day Journey (working title) ♥

Landing Gear
     When I hit my Mother's driveway I had a quarter tank of gas and $1.50 cents.  I was so grateful I made it I didn't even stop to think about what I was going to do next.  I just 'landed' with all of the past two months in my heart (and camera and a ton of memorabilia packed on board to boot).

     I think there are times when we stop and breath.  Suddenly I was safe in my Mother's home, off the road, and catching up with family events I had missed over the years.  Oh my, she was just a baby... now she has how many children?  Stories, photos, memories, and more.  The time away suddenly began to melt and I was home.

The New Place
     A few days of getting to know myself as I relate to my family of origin and then the ideas of being a 'grown up' began to settle in on me.  It is time I found my own place.  Time to fly the coop again, but, this time closer so I'm not so far away I miss everything again.

     I hit the ads, the papers, the internet, and began to make calls and work out how much I could spend.  The few places in what I thought to be my budget were quickly unavailable or the price was raised overnight.  One ad was removed one day and I thought it had been taken, then the very next day it was back and almost twice to price.

     There was one place that I kept calling which kept being available.  I said I would call back in two days... I called back and explained how far I had come to meeting the move in (which was miles away from being close).  Next time I called to say I think I am coming over to see it.

     That day I was moved in.  I didn't have what was needed to move in.  I wasn't even close.  Not only that... the unit I had been hoping for was gone (only hours earlier) and the only thing available was 'more' than the first.  I stepped back, prayed, thought the situation through, then making a leap of faith I said "I Can Do This"

     Next thing I know I'm unpacking my car (with a lot of help) and I'm sitting in my new place listening to the owl outside, and the cat, and the breeze blowing over the orange tree in the back yard.  I am home!

Trusting God With All My Heart
     Now, the business started.  I was determined I would do whatever I could possibly do in order to meet the higher overhead.  In addition to this goal I would also make sure to connect with the community, join a church, get myself settled.  

     My 'to-do' list mounting I put all of my energy into first covering the overhead and in the mean time 'daily' to-do things begin to mount as well.   The writing stopped in exchange for 'work' and I haven't done anything with the photos and cards, or the zillion other travel memories I wanted to share here and for the book.

     I am trusting God with all of my heart that all will be well.
"One of the most amazing things in the Universe is when we 'visualize' something and make room for it, completely letting go of the past, it materializes. " The 40 Day Journey (working title)