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Monday, November 7, 2011

I am Deb Bryan, aka GypsyOwl. I am an artist, writer, online business coach. My passion is helping people. I have been using GIMP for 7 years for all of my artwork, photography and web graphics. My article topics are varied and include: GIMP Tutorials, Consumer Reviews, Motivation-Inspiration, and of course anything having to do with visual art crafts cooking and simple joys in life. My tradmark motto is "Nurture Your Creativity"

I began my online journey in 1997... I have studied and worked hard to find the best resources for the online business owner. Along the way, as people would approach me to ask for help with graphics, Squidoo, Twitter backgrounds, eBook Covers, Website Header Banners, and How to Use GIMP.

I discovered my love for teaching could be translated into helping people with online tasks. I started a Guide to Squidoo email support group (tips about Squidoo). Which has grown into a network of virtual assistants. I have facilitated private coaching sessions as well as groups.

My volunteer activities include: Lens Sightings (a lens showcase community)and Squidoo Marketing (a community of Lensmasters sharing marketing tips). I 'work' as a site manager (VA Coach - Client Services) for Guide To Squidoo (Lens Builder VA) and Best Handmade Gifts (crafter's shopping cart services). I am the owner of MyEBookVA and help authors move their manuscripts to sales. My college studies major in "eCommerce Marketing with a in-depth focus on Social Media Culture Protocol research.

I hope you enjoy my collection of Squidoo Lenses. Please help out by clicking on the "thumbs up" icons and sharing on Google +, Facebook and Twitter. It helps to promote my work and helps me to earn revenue from Squidoo.   When people ask how they can help support my work I provide them with these options:
  • Read and Promote Articles (bookmark, blog about them, click on thumbs up, Google +, Facebook Likes etc)
  • Go Shopping.  If you see something you like, please shop from my pages so I will receive a thank you from the providers (I receive small percentage of Amazon, eBay, Zazzle, etc.) when you shop from links on my articles (lenses)
  • Support my Business: Become a client or promote to your friends if my services will add value.
  • Leave a Tip: Some readers have said they would rather leave a tip instead of shopping.  I have provided a tip jar on my Guide To Squidoo site for your convenience.
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Brightest Blessings, 

Deborah Bryan
Virtual Assistant (VA Services) Site Management