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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Say Thank You To Top Producers

The New GypsyOwl's Graphic Design Gallery will be located at GYPSYOWL.COM
[currently under construction]

You have been redirected to GypsyOwl Connections (a blog created to update my Squidoo Lenses). When the site is live, the redirection will be reset to take you to the new site. Be sure to follow me on twitter for updates. IN~JOY, GypsyOwl

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Hello, we exchanged cards at the conference and you asked:

"Where can I find your Squidoo lenses?"

Here are my Squidoo Lenses LENSMASTERS PROFILE

This Mini-Button is about 1 1/4 " diam and is great to use as a Tie Clip, Hat Pin, Lapel Pin, or Briefcase Tag.
Costomize it (add YOUR LOGO, YOUR Tagline, or anything you would like to add to Say Thank You to your Top Producers, Affiliates, Sales Staff, or anyone in your Tribe).

This Tee can be customized as well. Replace the current Logo with your own (upload from your computer). Be sure to look at the BACK VIEW of the shirt and remove and replace the ASKMRVIDEO LETTERING with your own website or other contact information.

Blueprint To Financial Freedom - Houston TX - November 14-16 , 2008

#b2ff Blueprint To Financial Freedom MINI Button Customized with WWW and DATE
#b2ff Blueprint To Financial Freedom MINI Button Customized by GypsyOwl
Purchase This Mini Button or Design your own button. Dozens of options (sizes, shapes, and hundreds of other products as well) can be found on Zazzle

How to Design Your Own Customized Button©GypsyOwl 2008
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When you receive your tutorial: Right click here (select “Open In New Window”) to access the Customizable Button and begin creating your own button!

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  1. Very cool button, GypsyOwl. Nice job! I'm coming to you when I do my next launch!