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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Banner Sale - Web Page Headers & Blog Banners

You can use a banner as a web page header, a blog header, post banner and much more. The banners shown below are an example of the designs created by GypsyOwl.

This sale is for one design created from your submitted BIO , links and selected focus. GypsyOwl will use the submitted information and links to intuitively create a banner for you.

When you select your focus, you can choose "Your Name," "Business Name," or "Screen Name." This will tell GypsyOwl the focus you would like the banner to be about, but, as you can see by the following examples, your banner can have multiple focus'. So choose your primary. Also include the social media websites you use as a list (ie. facebook, zazzle, linkedin, etc.) and include links if you want them to potentially be on the banner or you want GypsyOwl to review the site for inspiration.

Whatever your focus, a banner is a great way to make an impression. When you click on the "order today" link, you will go to the order page where you can read what people are saying about this banner creation method.

Each of the examples shown here were created with a simply paragraph and a couple of links. GypsyOwl has brought intuitive design into focus and the results are stunning.

Banners for you, your business or to promote a cause. You choose the focus, provide a paragraph (or two) BIO and some links (ideally 3 or more). Then, GypsyOwl designs a banner for you to reflect your personality, your business focus, your passion.

This sale may not last...

$20 per design (usually twice that or more) and you will receive

  1. A full size .png file (banner size average 950px by 175px)

  2. A smaller .jpg file (banner size average 450px by 86px) This size works well in blog posts and on squidoo lenses.

You will also receive the following LICENSE:

Additional sizes and file types are optional and may incure a small service fee.

Order today!

GypsyOwl's Graphics Shop

I am looking forward to creating a banner for you,

Deb Bryan (aka GypsyOwl)

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