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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life Energy Inside

Life Energy Inside
It has been awhile since my last entry into this journal. The time goes by so quickly. Every now and then I wonder if I've overlooked an important task but, realize there are often other events, tasks, goals, and happenings which call me into other directions for awhile.

This journal has taken a few different turns along the way. What is amazing is how so often each new phase of my journey (personal and business) fits right into the process. Which is a hindsight 20/20 phenomenon of course. I set goals but the universe has even better in store for me than I am able to imagine.

Today I write to "Thank You" for your friendship and your inspiration. Life has been challenging and I have discovered more strength within myself than I had ever thought possible. That internal guidance system was buried under layers of dark clouds for awhile. What I didn't realize is those dark clouds weren't actually hiding the courage, strength, and wisdom within after all. The dark clouds (life's situation temporary distractions) have never been hiding anything. They have simply been distracting my focus.

If I continued to believe the dark clouds of life could possibly hide the courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom within, I may have never discovered the truth.

Distractions are on the outside.
Life energy is on the inside.

All we need to do is choose.

I may have believed I would need to make sense out of life, work my way ''through'' it, find a way to the other side, and then find or discover my internal strength. Maybe I needed to go through all of that in order to know for certain none of it was necessary.

There actually is a shortcut.
Close your eyes and be present now.

Life Energy Inside

Open your consciousness to be still within. It is within where I have discovered everything I have been seeking.

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