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Monday, April 30, 2012

Start Your Engines...

Public Domain Images by Hans
On your mark...Get set... GO!

The cross country road trip begins.  There is a sense of anxiousness which seems to tighten my chest and I'm holding my teeth clenched as if I'm biting down on a leather belt getting ready for surgery without anesthesia.

Aside from those and numerous other feelings... 

I realize it is time to let go.  Make a decision to keep my mind clear and my eyes on the road.  Try to hear and see what this journey has in store.  What is the Universe going to share with me?  What will God be guiding me to next?

The last checklist is nearly completed and half of the trip is sponsored (there will be plenty of time to coordinate more sponsors when the time comes).  

Everything will work out.  

I have learned there are still some things I am 'attached' to in this life and I have learned why there is no reason to be.  The past two weeks have taught me, reminded me, of this truth...  

Everything I need will be right where it is needed at exactly the right time.  I can let go of it now and it will materialize again later down the road right when I need it.  

All I need to do now is turn the key...
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  1. And so you're off! I am so excited for you and will pray for you every day of your 40 day journey. :) You're amazing, Deb...have fun!

  2. Wishing you an interesting and amusing trip where the interest doesn't come from solving problems and the amusement is immediate, not "we'll laugh about this later."