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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Hat, The Camera, And The Journey Poem

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Seven days on the journey across the country and I'm stopping to say hello to everyone who is following along this journey of magic and blessings.  There have been so many blessings I am unable to share them all on the blog...but you can be sure I will go into more details about every aspect of the miracles unfolding in the book (more about that later).

The Hat:
Athens GA was a remarkable stop on my journey.  My hostess made my stay better than I could have had in the finest B&B in the south.  The tours, meals, chats on the back porch, and the friendship that blossomed in the 24 hours of my stay will stay with me for a lifetime.

One of the gifts (of many many blessings seen and unseen) was a cheerful hat.  The kind of hat you would wear on a summer day at the beach.  I fell in love with it immediately.   The only thing was it seemed a bit snug, but, I thought I could 'make it fit' by taking my braid down.  So I waited until along the drive to my next stop to try that out.  It was still small.  I thought it would be one of the first pieces in my new home (as decor and a reminder of my visit in GA).

However... At my next stop I would immediately know who the hat was for.

The Camera:
I drove up to the house and saw my friend and her daughter standing waiting to greet me.  The small child (about three years old) was such an angel.  My first instinct was to reach over for the hat (which had rode on the passenger's seat the whole way) and ask the little girl if she liked hats.  Her eyes lit up and she put the hat on.  Perfect fit!

The visit included good food, journeys to explore the beach by moonlight, long talks, great place to sleep, then breakfast on the beach.  In what seemed like only a few hours I had "met" another kindred spirit and would keep the experience close to my heart for years and years to come.

As I was getting ready to move on to the next place on the journey, my hostess presented me with a camera.  This treasure will be playing a huge role throughout the journey as well as in my work after I land.

The Journey Poem:
The speedometer said 1500 Miles and my body said... I'm grateful to stop and rest again.  The people I would meet over the next few days (including my hostess and her family) will be not only a part of my life for years to come but will always hold a special place in my heart.

My hostess had arranged several events for us to go to together.  All have been amazing and I have met many many people who have each blessed my life in significant ways.  It is a bit like opening a book and reading a story with each step fitting exactly with the next chapter.  Each paragraph carefully crafted...but none of the people having been given the chapter before or after.

God is writing this book, and each person who has entered into the scope of the journey has been a part of the big picture in amazing ways.  Each one having been prepared long ahead of time to be just the right person to place this piece or that piece into the puzzle.  Which brings us to the poem...

I met Nancy Vinson for the first time on Sunday night and at 1pm on Monday she arrived at a lunch she learned about as we were leaving the church on Sunday night.  The seat beside me was empty after we were being seated for lunch.  She presented me with the poem which line by line described the very essence of the journey I am on.

I knew at once this is the introduction for the book.  And I will be forever grateful she is in my life and am honored to have this loving gift from her as it will be the best first page, of the book which will show anyone who is seeking a way to take a leap of faith how my experience became proof of serendipity and love.

To Be Continued...
Deb Bryan (aka GypsyOwl) embarked on a leap of faith 40 Day Journey on May 1, 2012 and with the help of sponsors, hostesses, and God's Hand, is taking a break from making decisions about the next adventure in life by having an adventure.  From May through June (traveling 20 days a month) she will explore the country and meet people she has worked with online.

Sponsors: Please visit and support the 40 Day Journey Sponsors for Days One - Day Seven (see more sponsors HERE)

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  1. I am looking forward to your book, and even more to that point in time when we can meet face to face. Wishing you only the very best, now and forever.