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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Faith, The Umbrella, and Lavender Bath Salt

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Crossing many bridges on the '40 Day Journey' as I find my way to the place where I will make a decision about my future.  There are many times along the way when I have felt there is no way for me to see what lies ahead.  Then I ponder the fact there are so many bridges in my path and I know God has a plan for me much bigger than I could ever imagine alone.

This journey reveals small clues along the way.  I realize from previous experience the 'ideas' I have may only be a way to keep me from being distracted.  This time is for self discovery.  Later I will have plenty of choices to make regarding where to go from here.

The major reason, I am finding, for this time of waiting (the 40 Day Journey) is to find out more about myself and my relationship with life.  So my decision later isn't driven by fear or by resentment.  I need to completely let go of the past in order to make room for the future to unfold.

While I may not have any idea where this journey will take me... I am growing in faith and know where ever I am God is with me.  And more so when things are most challenging.  He will grow closer as much as I need and allow him to.

The Umbrella
There may have been rain in the forecast, but, I wasn't aware of it.  Only hours after I was gifted the umbrella the rain began to fall.  The gift was more than just am umbrella.  It was a gesture of protection.  The kind of caring God shows for us when preparing us for challenges.  The umbrella will keep me dry when the rain falls and is a symbol of a protection I can count on no matter what is going on in my life I have a guardian watching the forecast and looking out for me.  
Lavender Bath Salt
Relaxation comes from creating with a friend and then enjoying the creations...especially when we are talking about making bath salt.  We created some amazing memories as well as bath salts and we each can enjoy them again and again.  

Sharing this experience brought us joy and we will remember it for a long time.  We created relaxation.  This is a good reminder whenever we are stressed.  Step back and take care of yourself.  The challenges will be less stressful when we are well rested and relaxed.  If you find yourself tempted to make a choice under stress then step back and wait (unless you are in immediate danger).  If the decision can wait, then, wait until you relax and rest.  Making decisions when calm will ensure you have taken the time to evaluate all of the perspectives and angles.

To Be Continued...
Deb Bryan (aka GypsyOwl) embarked on a leap of faith 40 Day Journey on May 1, 2012 and with the help of sponsors, hostesses, and God's Hand, is taking a break from making decisions about the next adventure in life by having an adventure.  From May through June (traveling 20 days a month) she will explore the country and meet people she has worked with online.

Sponsors: Please visit and support the 40 Day Journey Sponsors for Days Eight - Day Ten (see more sponsors HERE)
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  1. Oh yes, Deb, God's provisions for your trip - physical, spiritual, emotional were a joy to watch. Every time I think about your visit here, I smile! From fragrance lessons to spiritual experiences, I learned something every day.
    Your journal will be a treasure of real life experiences and lessons for us all!