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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Swim Suit, The Swimming Pool, and The Scenic Route

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I am discovering how each stop on the journey seems to tie itself to the next... even when no one knows what is next on the journey.  It becomes more and more clear God has his plan under way and the journey has been planned, provided, and awaits to be discovered.
I was listening to the radio on the way to Michigan and I heard several songs which touched my heart deeply.  One of them was "Where I Belong" by Building 429 (see it below).

The Swim Suit
I haven’t shopped for a swimming suit in as long as I can remember.  I think the primary reason was I could never choose a style that would look right on me (I think I was finding the suit designed for people who would look good in anything) and another reason is when I did buy a suit and got it home I would only wear it once (and never outside of the house).

Of course I would tell myself I never swim anyway so who needs a suit.  If I want to get in the water (for whatever reason) I would likely just roll up my pants and dip my feet into the water for a minute. 

I believe it was not a coincidence there were two swim suits that day.  I was so amazed when I tried one on and it was a great fit, I felt it made me look ok as well.  While other suits would have been ok for a minute this one was actually going to be worn outside.

The Swimming Pool
Several days later, at another point in the journey, a swimming pool was materializing.  There was much work to be done before it would be ready and I wasn’t sure if it would be ready to swim in before I was scheduled to leave. 

Turns out it was ready a day or so before I was leaving and I had a brand new swim suit to wear. I was able to go swimming with my granddaughters and had a great time.  I was mindful about how magical it was I had the suit before the swimming opportunity materialized.

The Scenic Route
Yes, sometimes a five hour drive will take me twelve to accomplish.  Partly because of miscalculation and partly because I become distracted by the sights along the way, yet, it can be accomplished by persistence and patience. At the end of the day (even if it is midnight) you can accomplish anything you have set your mind to doing. 

When I started the drive on day 11 I thought I was in for a five hour drive.  I told my hostess what time I expected to arrive and without double checking I started the drive.  At a point about an hour from starting, I rechecked my directions against the atlas and the maps, and changed my mind about a primary road on the path.  This minor change (or so it seemed at the time) added an additional three hours to the drive.  Not to mention I was about four hours off from the start.  So what should have been a dinner time arrival ended up being a bit after midnight.

I think the moral for the day was to remember this… even when we take the scenic route (which is often more enjoyable overall) we may be off the ‘path’ we were guided to take, but, we still end up right where we are meant to be and the experience will have been enhanced by our curiosity and distractibility.

So, it is ok if a five hour drive takes us twelve… we will always be right where we are supposed to be at exactly the time we are suppose to be there.

Earlier I mentioned a song I heard on the radio.  This is it...

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To Be Continued...
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  1. Of course, a swim with your precious granddaughters! Delightful! I remember your saying "I wonder where I am going to swim." :) Oh yes, everything is working out perfectly and in Divine Order!