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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anastasia Drake and GypsyOwl (Deb Bryan) -- Stroke of Red Studios Photo Take With Permission of GypsyOwl and Anastasia Drake
All along the journey I learn and grow on many levels.  As each new experience presents itself I have choices to make.  I can enter into the opportunity with an open heart and with complete trust, I can enter with preconceived ideas and fear, or I can enter with the faith that each time a preconceived idea surfaces during the experience I can choose again to accept courage over fear.  

This is an ongoing process.  

I remember a time when everything was black and white in my experience with life, it was this way or that way, miles from what I am able to experience today.  Today I am pledged to exploring my thoughts as they come up and honestly looking at them to discover which of them are going to best reflect the world as it is now rather than what it was before.  

Living in the past will not serve us.  Living in ideas of the past will only hold us back.  The only way to move forward is to explore the past, evaluate the choices we made, and what lessons we learned... and then let the old ideas go to make room for new ideas, new opportunities. 

Spirit Sisters
Do you have a mentor, a role model, someone who inspires you and adds to your understanding of living?  I “met” my mentor, whom I hadn’t realized has been in my life for several years but, I wasn’t aware of how inspirational she has been, until as we visited the many times our paths have crossed became apparent. 
She is a spirit sister for me, I hope I am for her as well, and just when I needed, and was ready to receive, she gave me newer perspectives into life and the joy of being authentic.

The Art Gallery
Many of the people I have been meeting have been long time friends which I hadn’t met ‘in real life’ before this journey began.  Others I have met by being introduced by the friends I am meeting.  When I made an appointment with Anastasia Drake – Stroke of Red Studio in Kansas City, I did not realize I would also be there on the day she found her new studio. 

My hostess and I saw some of Anastasia’s work, toured the new studio, went out to lunch with Anastasia, and had a wonderful time brainstorming ideas and sharing about our lives and our experiences.  Something really magical happens when you put a few dynamic passionate caring women in the same space… the universe stops and sits awhile to listen in and to offer assistance. 

The $5 Hair Cut
If you know me you know I have usually cut my own hair.  Nothing really remarkable, I would just part it down the back, comb forward, cut straight across.  Then I would braid it up.  I have been talking about cutting my hair so it would be more manageable for awhile. But, I couldn’t decide on a style and I didn’t want to do it until I made a choice. 

Then I realized it was time to just get a haircut.  Whatever that might turn out to be, it was time.  I found a beauty school, gave them a call, and got an appointment the same day. This is when I met Paige.  She is one week away from graduation, beams with joy in her work (you can tell she really enjoys what she is doing), and she is easy to talk with. 

Not only that… it turns out I was at the beauty school on a Monday which is Ladies’ Day $5 haircut day… so I couldn’t have asked for a better haircut, at a better price, and her work is amazing.  Not only that, I met a new friend on my journey. 

Inspiration About The Journey...
I am asked what this journey is about and I believe it is gradually becoming clear.  At this time, this is what I believe it is about...

My 40 Day Journey is about putting off life changing decisions in the wake of a major life changing event. It is also a time to reconnect with Life Force Spirit and practicing God's presence. A Re-Alliance Process with The One who is LIFE, learning, once again, to process life with the heart. Because a life processed with physical mind is muddled with rules, fear, and perceived challenges which do not exist in SPIRIT.

To Be Continued…
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