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Friday, June 8, 2012

How To Fund A Journey - Be Creative

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When I was thinking about embarking on a journey across the country I didn't have a dollar to my name.  I had just spent everything in a series of 'catching up on bills' process.  I had just settled into what I thought was another 30 days of grace (where I could work to raise enough to address the next month's demands).

So, was I stuck?  I could have sat on the couch and went through the grieving process.  I could have reflected from the vantage point I had.  I could have let myself believe I was stuck and I might have even rationalized it all ... but something in me kept whispering "there is a way"  and more compelling there was a voice within me saying "There is much work to be done before you make decisions about the next chapter in your life"

It is as if the new doors were not open yet, but, the truth is the Journey IS the new door.  It is a time to contemplate and grow.  To stretch my perspective, to share and learn from others, to process the old and welcome the new.

I came up with the idea to ask for sponsors. Well, I had a dream really.
Would you give a lens?
Would someone else buy it?
Would this collaboration collectively create a resource which would fund a few tanks of gas?

As I thought this process through and received a few sponsors I began to grow in faith.  I took a sheet of paper and started looking at the possibilities.  I evaluated the miles (before even knowing where anyone I would meet up with was located) and I came up with a 40 Day plan.  Each day would be assigned one sponsor (or a collaborative sponsorship).

As people began to reply, lenses began to materialize, sponsors showed up... then another thing began to happen... people started asking to 'be a part of this'

I started receiving invitations to stay with people.  Note: Everyone of these folks has been close friends online for several years.  They have worked closely on projects, in communities, etc.  I don't think I was aware of how many people I had built amazing relationships with until the messages began to arrive.

It turned out, my journey map was relatively close to the locations of people sending invitations.  Some were right on the exact path I had originally drafted.

The next set of miracles would be every step of the way there were resources materializing and things I didn't even know I would need were coming into the picture right before I needed them.  A sun hat, travel goodies and snacks, a camera, an umbrella, a swim suit, funds for other bills (bills continue to happen even when you are on the road), the list seems to go on and on.

The journey has been an amazing lesson in faith.
The journey has been an opportunity to meet in real life with people whom I have developed life long friendships with.
The insight of these amazing friends, along with prayer, contemplation, and an open honest heart, have given this journey so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Any thoughts I may have had in thinking I was 'running away from the problem' have been replaced with thoughts like 'this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and this journey is preparation to enter into that chapter with a more developed perspective on everything'

Learning to ask for help in a way that will benefit every participant is a challenge. But if you think about it there is something (possibly many many things) you can offer and coordinate in order to meet the resources needed to embark on your journey.  You journey may not be a 6000 mile drive across the country (which by the way I am at mile 3950 so far -- and completed day 22 of the 40 days), your journey may be closer to home.  Getting out and meeting someone who needs you as much as you need them to accomplish the next chapter of your life.
Update: I wrote this blog post to auto post and it didn't (I have more to learn about that process).  In the meantime I have another 1000 miles behind me and day 40 will ''happen'' on June 28th.
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