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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recent Comments

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I am always so grateful for comments on my blog posts.  I would like to review some of the most recent comments to share reader's insights and inspirational submissions.  

Challenges do seem to open the door to new beginnings and a time to learn, expand and grow. Thanks for sharing the significance around the turning lemons into lemonade because it can have a greater meaning to each situation or journey that we are in. on Lemonade, The Lighthouse, And The Drawbridge
on 5/30/12
Many years ago I was at bible college for a short time. One of the tutors used to say 'We can't be overcomers unless we have something to overcome!'. As life goes on I realize how true this is. But there have been times it feels as if I cannot take a step further. The problems and pain of life seems to be too much. I lost my health in 2005 which meant I had to give up work. It was tough. I loved my work. But I manage to trust God in it, believing that everything that happens in our lives has a purpose, and every life experience is a lesson and a way of shaping me to be more like Jesus. But then in 2008 my eldest son died in a accident, he was 25 years old. I have written about it here . This has been the biggest challenge to my faith. How do you find meaning in the loss of your child? How can you see 'good' in something that is evil? It's a struggle. It challenges your faith deep to the core. One thing I decided early on was that I would on Lemonade, The Lighthouse, And The Drawbridge
on 5/30/12
Your bridge theme fits your journey perfectly! And yes, without challenges, we cannot experience the joy of victory! Wow! what a post! on Lemonade, The Lighthouse, And The Drawbridge
on 5/30/12
Of course, a swim with your precious granddaughters! Delightful! I remember your saying "I wonder where I am going to swim." :) Oh yes, everything is working out perfectly and in Divine Order! on The Swim Suit, The Swimming Pool, and The Scenic Route
on 5/23/12
I so deeply admire you for what you're doing in this situation. I am certain that someone "out there" will be drawn to your words and will receive the nurturing and the knowing that they are not alone. You are leaving a trail of lights to help another as they journey through their own dark night of the soul. May God richly bless you and reward you for your service. on No Time For Tears -- Until We Meet The Sea
on 5/20/12
Enjoying reading about the journey and all the friends that you have met along the way. Hope the journey continues to go well, and that it's a wonderful experience to look back on. on No Time For Tears -- Until We Meet The Sea
on 5/20/12
Oh yes, Deb, God's provisions for your trip - physical, spiritual, emotional were a joy to watch. Every time I think about your visit here, I smile! From fragrance lessons to spiritual experiences, I learned something every day. Your journal will be a treasure of real life experiences and lessons for us all! on Faith, The Umbrella, and Lavender Bath Salt
on 5/16/12
I am looking forward to your book, and even more to that point in time when we can meet face to face. Wishing you only the very best, now and forever. on The Hat, The Camera, And The Journey Poem
on 5/11/12
Wishing you an interesting and amusing trip where the interest doesn't come from solving problems and the amusement is immediate, not "we'll laugh about this later." on Start Your Engines...
on 5/4/12
And so you're off! I am so excited for you and will pray for you every day of your 40 day journey. :) You're amazing, Deb...have fun! on Start Your Engines...
on 4/30/12
Thank you Joan! I am looking forward to meeting you. I'll be sure to take pictures at the beach. ♥ I'll keep my eyes open for natural wonders. on What Would You Like To See?
on 4/29/12
Oh you will have such a wide range of things to see on your travels. I would opt for natural wonders in each part of the country, treasuring the differences as you travel. I would also want to see a few historical sites, but I like that kind of thing! And then there are all the funny things too! would be fun to have a series of funny photos -- people are just funny! and so are animals! and you will meet so many! Looking forward to your arrival in South Carolina - enjoy the beach! onWhat Would You Like To See?
on 4/29/12
Following your journey with anticipation of blessings for you and for those for whom you are shining a light. {{hugs}} on When God Prepares The Way
on 4/24/12
Thank you for sharing your personal and inspirational story. You are awesome! on God Knows What We Need -- HIS Plan is Always On Time
on 3/4/12
This story touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I love that you're moving in this direction with your blogging - I think the world needs more stories of hope and encouragement, and you are just the person to deliver them. May God Richly Bless You and This Endeavor. onGod Knows What We Need -- HIS Plan is Always On Time
on 12/20/11
This is awesome, Deb. Thanks for sharing your God conversation. And thank you for following my blog, Tickell Expressions. I hope you were able to add your link to my contest for a digital scrapbook software from My Memories. The draw is this Friday. Blessings, Teresa on Letting Go – With or Without Hesitation – One Day at a Time
on 9/14/11
on 5/3/11
I talk to God like this too. This is life. It is not easy. I feel like this with things in my life also... onLetting Go – With or Without Hesitation – One Day at a Time
on 5/1/11
Thank you Jenn, I really appreciate your comment. I hadn't thought of it as a revelation, but you are right. I just know I was not happy with the way I was feeling and I was desperate to find the "real" solution to whatever it was. ♥ Thank you Mari, I like your spiritual teacher's idea "just drop it" and I am delighted this message has helped you today. I know it was helpful to me and I felt it might help others as well. Glad you found it (You are right - somehow we sift through the mass amount of information and stumble upon just what our heart desires). Brightest Blessings, Deb onLetting Go – With or Without Hesitation – One Day at a Time
on 5/1/11
This is so beautiful and profound. It is exactly what my own spiritual teacher tells us to do. It sounds so easy--lol! One time when I was with my spiritual teacher someone asked her how to let go of anger. She took a glass of water and literally dropped it to the ground as a demonstration. She then smiled and sweetly said, "Just drop it!" I tend to perseverate when I am upset about things so this can be challenging for me at times. I am learning as I am going! Meditation, prayer and going for walks helps me! Amazing write and just what I needed--funny how that happens too! on Letting Go – With or Without Hesitation – One Day at a Time
on 5/1/11
Wow Deb, what a revelation! I enjoyed reading this. I never thought in terms of holding on or letting go. I need to think about that for myself. Wonderful write :) Cheers Jenn (aka Duffee from RG) on Letting Go – With or Without Hesitation – One Day at a Time
on 5/1/11
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on 11/22/08
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